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Batman vs Superman...SPOILERS!

I went today to see it. I thought it was thrilling and I am okay for spending 11Euro for entertainment on Easter Friday. BUT...

Christian will always be MY Batman and Michael always my Alfred.

Ben Afleck was okay and I was pleasantly surprised to see Jeremy Irons as Alfred, but it just isn't the same. I think Christian can plull the play boy of way better.

I thought I might get into Batman/Superman slash after watching it but I am not. Luis and Clark are still one of the few hetero pairings I can accept.

And I don't think he's dead. (Surely this is build to have at least two sequels lol)

I might get old or watch too many of these things but the Alien attack reminded me a lot of the Avengers and we laughed because the bad giant in the end reminded us of the trolls or the orcs in The Hobbit and LOTR...